Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ok, so...

I am officially convinced at this point that I will never be able to make daily bento for everyone unless I am a stay-at-home mom (or a work-from-home mom). I don't have time to do it with how busy I am every day. I wake up early so I can take a shower and just take my time getting ready to go. I'm out the door to catch the bus by 6:40am or shortly after. On the bus by 7:00 or shortly after. I get to work around 7:15 or so, make my breakfast, and start my shift at 8:00. My day finishes at 4:00, and I wait around until 4:25 until the bus comes to take me home. I get back in the door around 5:00, go collapse on my bed and then debate with my husband for an hour as to what we're going to have for dinner (pre-planning never works for us...). We make dinner for our daughter and feed it to her, then usually play with her for an hour while dinner is cooking. She gets a bath, gets into her PJs, gets her vitamin and a bottle of water and goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00pm. After she's in bed, my husband and I eat dinner, clean up our dishes and any garbage that accumulated during cooking, play on our laptops for a while, then I go to sleep around 10:30. This is my routine EVERY DAY.

However, I had the day off yesterday due to it being a state holiday. I got so much done around the house that it was amazing. Vacuuming, two loads of dishes in the dishwasher, folded three baskets of clean clothes, collected all the dirty clothes from the floor (and under hubby's side of the bed. 2 week old dirty socks, GAG), changed the sheets in my daughters' crib, collected all of the garbage and empty cardboard boxes we had in the living room and put them neatly by the door to be taken out later, and then on top of all that, managed to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, get a pot of homemade sauce simmered for dinner, boiled pasta, steamed some broccoli, baked a batch of garlic bread, baked the pasta and sauce in the oven with some cheese on top, AND managed to get it all on the table before my husband got home with our daughter, and also had her dinner ready for her to eat on her high chair tray along with a cup of cold apple juice.

Yes, I didn't get everything done that I had wanted to, but at least now we have room to walk in the living room and two spots to sit on the couch instead of one!

So, that being said, if I was a stay-at-home mom like I want to be, I'd be able to get the house clean and keep it clean just with a little work every day, and also be able to cook up some rice and put together bento lunches! Well, hopefully once my hubby is done with trade school, he will have an awesome job (and we'll hopefully also have a bigger place to live) and I'll be able to afford to stay home during the day and be a nice little housewife ^_^.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Loss of a co-worker and friend

Today, my office is mourning the loss of our 10-year old Accelerant Detector K9, Emma. Emma was only 10 years old. She was diagnosed with a hereditary kidney disease at the age of 5 and had been on a treatment plan that was working very well, until a few weeks ago when it made getting up and out of the house nearly impossible.

Here is the announcement that was sent around our office from our Arson Unit, where Emma was stationed:

Announcement of the Passing of Arson Bureau K9 Emma ~ October 7, 2009

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention & Control Arson Bureau regretfully announces the passing of Accelerant Detection K9 Emma. Emma, a 10 year old mixed lab, was assigned shield# K5 as the NYS Department of States fifth K9 Unit. Partnered with Arson Bureau Investigator Richard Daus they began their mission as a K9 Team in 2001 upon graduating from the 300 hour basic K9 Training Program at the Academy of Fire Science in Montour Falls, N.Y. Over their career as an Accelerant Detection K9 Team, Richie and Emma conducted 1231 canine searches, assisting fire and law enforcement agencies throughout the state through the investigation of high dollar loss fires, fires of unusual circumstances and fires with fatalities to include the heinous crime of arson homicides. In addition to aiding in the investigation of fires, K9 Emma was also a prominent figure as the team delivered fire prevention and investigation programs. At the age of 5, Emma was diagnosed with a hereditary kidney disease for which a treatment plan was developed and successful until the past few weeks when the illness became debilitating. Upon behalf of State Fire Administrator Floyd Madison we extend our deepest of sympathy to Investigator Daus and his family at this difficult time in the loss of his partner and our comrade as there is no stronger bond that that of the professional K9 Handler to their partner and of the team to their mission.

She was an amazing dog, and she was like family to everyone who works here. I'm in tears myself. It's just so sad that she had to go so soon.

Rest in peace, Emma. May your journey to the Rainbow Bridge be a pleasant one. We all love you very, very much.