Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, howdy ho!

Wow, long time since I last came on here. Without my favorite obento supplier having a blog here anymore, I forgot I even had a blog.
Anyway, since it's extremely rare that I make obento lunches anymore, I'm turning this blog into more of a personal journal, just somewhere to write the ramblings of a 20-something suburban mom and wife. And I'll start with my next paragraph.
I've been on a stay-cation from work since Friday last week. Hard to believe my 10 days of solitude are almost over. In four days I'll have already finished my first day back at work... hopefully the piles of crap I usually find on my desk haven't overflowed to the floor.
Saturday is my cousin Sarah's bridal shower. Should be fun. I'm bringing the giant hakama pants from my Inuyasha cosplay costume for a suitcase game we're playing. If I can find the wig, even better. After that, my mom is taking me and my daughter to see her old friend Sandy, then we're stopping by the cemetary where my great-grandparents are buried since my great-grandmother's birthday just recently passed. Then, it's off to the craft store to spend probably $40 on yarn for crocheting... I'm working on a gigantic blanket for my husband. I wanted it to be done by x-mas last year, but it's looking like, thanks to a fairly intricate and time-consuming design, it probably won't be done until x-mas NEXT year. Oh well. It'll be worth the wait.
Time to return to gorging myself on tasty Pizza Hut food! 'Til later...

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