Monday, November 10, 2008

Bento number two: Flowers, Bunnies and....Pokemon? Oh my!!

This was my second bento, I entered this one into the newbie contest but sadly, lost. I did have much more worthy opponents though so I was very happy for them. Again, it was another learning experience for me.

I liked this one much better because there was a lot to it. More colors, a wider variety of foods, though I realize now that I was lacking protein. Oops! The big box consisted of rice with Pokemon nori shapes, corn cob thirds, broccoli, carrots, apples, grapes, and a bunny shaped hardboiled egg. The smaller box contained star shaped onigiri with nori punch faces, mickey mouse cheese snacks on a pick, two flower shaped peanut butter sandwiches and two Hello Kitty sauce bottles. The Hello Kitty bottle up top held strawberry Kool-Aid and the round container had ranch dressing for the veggies. You can tell this was after I got my first order from obentolunch4kids! This lunch was insanely delicious and really filling to the point where I had leftovers to munch on for the remainder of the day!

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