Monday, November 10, 2008

My first ever bento

This was the first time I ever tried to make a bento. After checking out the bento lunch community on Livejournal and discovering these things called Lock & Lock boxes, I went out on my next payday to my local Walmart and picked up a bunch of them. They're a little pricey but boy do they hold up. I've been making my bento in them ever since.

This was my first attempt, and it came out nowhere near as good as I had hoped for. But, I see it as a learning experience!

First off, I know there's WAY too much empty space in the box. I used a piece of a box for a separator...jeesh. Lol. I tried to make it cute by arranging carrots into a face on my veggies...I think it just looks creepy. There's swedish meatballs in mushroom sauce, the veggies, egg noodles with butter, and four onigiri rolls. It was filling but...definately not too great. Kind of looks like I just threw a bunch of stuff into a box (or two) and left it at that. I swear, I got better after this! lol

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